Welcome to the website of marine artist Rodney Charman.

This website provides an online gallery featuring many of the artist’s marine scenes, distinguished by their meticulous detail and atmospheric effects.

Rodney Charman has been painting historic marine scenes full time since 1979. Painstakingly researched from his own comprehensive library, archive photographs and by travelling to the locations in question, the now world-renowned artist has produced a substantial collection of original oil paintings, increasing in value not only due to their superb style but for the historical accuracy they contain.

Over the last few years Rodney has been working on a large series of historic oil paintings depicting the tragic plight of the Irish people during the famine. His paintings have been published in the impressive book written by author and historian Jerry Mulvihill, entitled ‘The Truth Behind The Irish Famine 1845 – 1852’ which is available to buy worldwide.

Rodney continues to paint, adding to his impressive archive of original marine art spanning almost five decades.